You may be eligible to receive a payment from the TBIS Receivership Estate (the “Receivership Estate”) if any of the following apply:
  • You are a creditor of TBIS or its affiliates; or
  • You purchased BAR or TBAR directly from TBIS; or
  • You purchased BAR or TBAR on the secondary market and held those tokens through May 29, 2018
To be considered for eligibility to receive a payment from the Receivership Estate, you must provide information required by this online form and submit a release through the Receiver’s online claim system, located at Failing to upload and submit this information through the Receiver’s online claim system by the Bar Date set forth above may result in your claim being rejected and you being precluded from any recovery from the Receivership Estate.
Timely submission of your claim does not guarantee you will be eligible for a distribution from the Receivership Estate or that you will be compensated for your claimed loss.
Please fill out this claim form completely. After submission of the claim form, you may be requested to provide documentation to support your claim. Failing to completely fill out the claim form or provide all requested documentation may result in rejection of your claim.
Providing a valid email address is required as part of the claims validation process. Failure to provide a valid email address may result in rejection of your claim. Changes to your contact information, including your email address must be promptly sent to
You will be instructed via email to confirm control of any Ethereum addresses associated with your claimed transactions. Failure to confirm control of these addresses will result in rejection of your claims associated with those addresses.
Submitting your claim using this online claim form is the fastest method to determine your eligibility for recovery. If necessary, you may request an alternative submission method or a filing time extension from the TBIS Receiver, Josias Dewey, at
Upon completion of his review of your claim, the Receiver will email you a Claim Determination, defining your eligible loss amount, if any. Distribution amounts will be determined at a later date based on available Receivership assets and there is no guarantee you will be fully compensated for your loss. The Claimant may object to a Claim Determination by following the instructions included with the Claim Determination.
The online Claim Form is meant to be completed within a single 60-minute session. It is advised that all necessary information and scanned documentation be readily accessible before you begin your claim.
When you’re ready to begin, please click the button below.
Please Take Note: Our computer systems have been engineered to high standards to protect the confidentiality and safety of data, information and materials that you transmit to us over the Internet. However, you should be aware that there is some risk in transmitting data over the Internet. Before transmitting confidential information to us, please be sure that: (1) you are using the current version of your browser, (2) all updates have been installed on your computer, (3) your anti-virus software is up to date and (4) that you are transmitting over a trusted (private) network. By clicking on the button below, you acknowledge and accept the risk of transmitting data over the Internet.
The deadline for submitting a claim to the TBIS Estate was 11:59 p.m. (Pacific Time) on August 11, 2021. The online claim filing system is now closed. Individuals or entities with further questions should direct their correspondence to the Receiver at